Laser welding

The most modern joining process for sheet steel parts

With very high processing speeds when welding with laser, a narrow and deep welding seam can be created which creates barely any thermal displacement in the component.

Another advantage of this process is the low amount of rework in the weld seam, as for the most part this already forms curved transitions between the workpieces, therefore a grind-off is not required.

The extremely high welding speed compared to typical welding processes, together with process automation creates a new dimension in welding.

Contrary to speculation, it is already possible to join components using the laser for small production series without having to manufacture expensive fixtures.

The laser welding of sheet metal parts

Laser welding is an advanced and highly precise joining process used in many demanding applications in the manufacturing industry. At KM Blechbearbeitung GmbH, we specialize in laser welding and offer our customers a first-class solution for their joining processes of laser parts and sheet metal assemblies.

The technology of laser welding

Laser welding, similar to laser cutting, uses a concentrated laser beam to melt materials. Unlike the process used in laser cutting, the material is not removed from the kerf, but rather fused together during laser welding of sheet metal. This process allows for extremely precise welds with minimal heat impact on the surrounding material. It is an art of welding that combines accuracy, speed and repeatability.

Our expertise in laser welding

Klaus Malsy Blechbearbeitung GmbH has highly skilled professionals and state-of-the-art laser welding equipment for processing sheet metal assemblies. Our specialists have extensive experience in handling various materials and geometries of sheet metal parts. We are able to perform welding work precisely in millimeters as well as meters. Our laser welding technology allows us to complete even the most demanding projects with the highest efficiency and quality.

Advantages of laser welding

  • Precision: Thanks to the focused laser beam, very fine welds and filigree structures can be realized.
  • Speed: Laser welding is fast and is particularly suitable for high-volume production.
  • Minimal distortion: Due to the low heat exposure, only minimal distortions occur on the workpiece.
  • Versatility: The most complex sheet metal part geometries can be welded.

Customized solutions

Our strength lies in providing customized solutions. KM Blechbearbeitung GmbH works closely with customers to understand and meet their unique sheet metal assembly requirements. Whether it’s prototypes, small batches or large scale production of sheet metal parts, our team is ready to develop the best solutions for your project.


Our laser welding services meet the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves on being able to produce a weld surface that meets the highest standards and that our customers receive joints on their laser or stamped parts that can withstand the highest stresses.

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If you want to take advantage of laser welding for your project, we are your reliable partner. KM Blechbearbeitung GmbH stands for precision, innovation and commitment. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our laser welding services and how we can meet your specific needs.


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